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We’re announcing first in the world UD Trucks version 3, version4 DPF/SCR/EGR delete solution through reprogramming.

Main features:

  • No DEF/AdBlue gauge stuck on empty level.
  • No SCR/DPF/EGR fault codes.
  • No torque reduction.
  • No warning lamps on the dashboard.
  • No OEM SW from EU3 trucks. Your fuel injection settings remain intact.
  • 3 or 4 SCR-related ECUs are reprogrammed together.
  • 20 minutes (or less) for each truck.
  • Very simple equipment requirements.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


This service is available with VLOMINGO Tuning Adapter only.

Basic steps to tune your truck with Mochester 4 App

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This service is available using VLOMINGO Tuning Adapter only.

Purchase and wait for delivery of VLOMINGO before start.

  1. Log in your shop account. Not registered yet? Time to do it now.
  2. Make sure your store wallet balance is more than 1,400.00.
  3. Download the Mochester 4 App and install it.
  4. Run the Mochester 4 App.
  5. Use your shop credentials to log in (yes, from this shop).
  6. Follow the instructions of the wizard.

Download Mochester 4 App

Aftertreatment instructions

ATTENTION! After applying our DPF/SCR/EGR delete service, the EGR valve should be unplugged and the flow must be blocked.
Also, ACM (Aftertreatment Control Module) and both NOx sensors should remain unplugged indefinitely! Plugging them back in will cause a “soot level high” message and immediate engine derate! Exception: on trucks equipped with a transmission brake the ACM must remain connected but the Engine CAN wires (pins 1 & 5 in the ACM connector) must be cut off. The DPF must be removed physically. We also strongly recommend bypassing the SCR cans or removing them.

Equipment requirements

  • VLOMINGO Tuning Adapter from HamCom Electronics (available in DrunkLab Store only).
  • Laptop/PC/VM with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11.
  • Communication adapter: 88890020, VoCom or ANY RP1210C (Nexiq USB-Link, Noregon DLA , DPA5, Inline6, etc).
  • Download the Mochester 4 App and install it.

That’s it! We do not need Tech Tool 2 or other foreign software. We use only self-developed tools for best result.

Warranty terms and conditions

This product is covered by D3LW™ program. D3LW is DrunkLab Limited Lifetime Warranty. Warranty cases are resolved in priority order. Policy is “fix or return”, that means full refund in case of impossibility to fix the problem immediately. Warranty cases are:

  • Configuration errors.
  • ECM memory-related fault codes appear after flashing.
  • Aftertreatment system fault codes (not including instrument cluster reagent level code and AHI codes)

Non-warranty cases are:

  • ECU replacement (different ECU serial numbers detected than stored into database during reprogramming).
  • Software update campaign performed (different software detected).
  • ACM connection after programming.
  • Cracking/readout attempts detected (different fingerprint is stored into ECU).


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