Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can I see my orders?

    All orders list is located in the "Orders" section of "My Account" menu (you can access it by clicking your user name in the head of the page).

    Unpaid orders notifier is located at the right corner of the page header. It will help to find new unpaid orders. 

  • How to create new order?

    There are only few simple steps to make the order in DrunkLab Store:

    1. Log in to your account or register a new one;
    2. Find goods or services in the Catalog;
    3. Top up your wallet;
    4. Add goods or services to the cart and proceed to checkout.

    For more details please watch our how-to videos.

  • What are my payment options?

    We accept the popular payment methods such as PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer and BitCoin.

  • How do I cancel or change my order?

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make any changes to an order or cancel it once it has been placed. However, you could contact support and try to resolve your personal case.

  • How to track my order?

    After your order is shipped, you will receive an email from us containing tracking number. You will be able to track your order through your preferred shipping partner.

Shipping & Delivery

  • Do you ship overseas?

    Yes, we ship all over the world. Please note shipping is free!

  • Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes, free shipping is available for all the orders.

  • How long does the delivery take?

    We usually take 4-5 business days for your order to be shipped & delivered.

Warranty & Refund

  • What is your Warranty Policy?

    Warranty cases are resolved in priority order. Policy is “fix or return”, that means full refund in case of impossibility to fix the problem immediately.

    For the devices manufactured by HamCom Electronics (VLOMINGO adapter and VILKUS-62 emulators) Warranty Policy is “return and replace”.

  • How can I ask for Refund?

    Refunds are processed manually, on demand. Customer has 180 calendar days since last Wallet deposit to ask for refund. DrunkLab has the right terminate Customer’s membership in the Loyalty Program in case of a Customer’s request for a refund.